Sydney Green

Sydney is a graduate of Fleming College’s Tourism – Global Travel program and is TICO certified.

 Sydney has about 3 years’ worth of background experience in the Tourism industry. From spending her summers living in Muskoka and working at 5 star resorts and golf courses to specializing in Groups while working for Sunwing Vacations she is always excited and eager to learn new skills.

 While she is fluent in English, Sydney also knows a basic level of Spanish and French.

 Some of the places she has travelled to are Orlando, Kissimmee and Tampa Bay in Florida along with Walt Disney, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico,  Varadero Cuba and multiple locations in Jamaica.

 While Sydney was studying in College she had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica along with some of her classmates and teachers for a volunteer trip. Teaming up with Hanover Charities the group had their works cut out for them with a week full of volunteering in local communities. The group spent their time doing activities like arts and crafts and coloring with the disabled and abandoned children and young adults at the Westhaven Children’s Home. They also visited the children at one of the local schools where they taught children how to prepare arts and crafts to take home with them and spent their time reading books to them and also left donations of things like soccer balls, clothing and arts and crafts materials. In Lucea they labored over hot stoves to prepare around 600 meals for those less fortunate in a small little soup kitchen known as Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love. This experience making Jamaica one of Sydney’s most favorited destinations thus far.

 Some of the places on her bucket list are: India, the Philippines, New Zealand/Australia and the Cook Islands.

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