The Kemp Travel Group has assisted teams with their travel plans for over 30 years.  Our group specialists have assisted many local associations including but not limited to rugby, soccer, hockey, ice skating, lacrosse and tennis. We have organized trips for sports teams traveling from within Canada to the US, Europe and even Australia! Whether you are a school team, a private team or professional we can design a custom itinerary that is just right for you and ensure that you are set up to properly and safely transport all of your necessary equipment.

We have the expertise and background knowledge to get your team(s) where they need to be on time and ready to play!



From family reunions to bachelor and bachelorettes, club gatherings and more the Kemp Travel group specialists can customize your group plans for a truly memorable travel experience. 

Some of our more popular group trips:

  • Adventure Tours
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties 
  • Destination Weddings (click here for more info)
  • Seniors Groups
  • School Groups
  • Women Only Groups
  • Religious Tours
  • Milestone Anniversaries and birthdays
  • Multigenerational travel
  • Special Interest groups (scuba diving, golf trips, yoga retreats, wine & culinary tours, art and music, etc.)


If you have a trip in mind or need suggestions, please reach out to one of our professional travel advisors