The Evolution of Cruising

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By Eric Forrest

One of the most fascinating shifts in the travel industry is the evolution of cruising. Sailing around the world is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to see the very best of our planet. Since the days of Love Boat, the cruise industry has expanded and evolved immensely.

In the late 70s the television show Love Boat first aired, propelling leisure cruising into the mainstream. It was here that people first saw characters living out romantic and entertaining lifestyles on board a cruise ship. This lead to a shift where people viewed cruising less as a method of transportation and more as viable vacation option. The options, entertainment, food and overall experience have improved exponentially. Beyond that, many different cruising styles have been created to appeal to different demographics.  ​

Avalon Waterways River Cruise


For many people, the idea of cruising means giant overcrowded hotels floating through the Caribbean filled with screaming kids. However, that only makes up a small portion of the cruise industry. And while the Caribbean is an ever popular destination and seems like it is the focus of large advertising campaigns – there is so much more out there. Spanning seven continents, cruise ships now travel around the globe to remote locations with a much greater selection of options to get there.

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Ocean cruise ships are continuously getting bigger and bigger with plenty of options to keep you entertained. Theatres and casinos are commonplace on board major ships. And to stay ahead of the competition, these modern day vessels are continuously pushing the envelope of what can be done on a ship. From the skydiving simulator on board the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas to the go kart track on board Norwegian’s Joy, you’re sure to have an experience like no other. ​

Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Anthem of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas


Unique Destinations

Beyond that there has been an increase in popularity for small to mid-sized ships that cruise to new & unique destinations. European river cruising has grown in popularity allowing you to cruise through enchanting European cities, past sprawling vineyards and medieval castles. Companies like Crystal Cruises & Uniworld Boutique River Cruises offer a high end luxurious experience on and off the boat. For a much more intimate and immersive experience, cruise lines have small yachts that can be joined or even chartered. These smaller boats can take you to places like the Galapagos Islands where you can visit remote locations only accessible by boat. Companies like UnCruise­­­ Adventures also offer small ship tours with a focus on wildlife and active adventures. Places like Antarctica are no longer out of reach for the everyday traveler thanks to the innovation of expedition style cruising.   ​

the evolution of cruising
Uniworld River Cruise – Rhine



Food is now becoming a focal point of many cruise lines. Companies are putting a greater emphasis on providing gourmet food options to appeal to a higher end client and improve the overall experience. Companies like Crystal Cruises are one of the few all-inclusive high end luxury cruise lines where gourmet food, alcoholic beverages & butler service are included. Others are starting to follow suit, leaving you with the ultimate onboard experience.


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Sirena Jacques Bistro – Oceania Cruises



Technological advances over the years have made for a much more comfortable cruising experience. Ships today are much sturdier and smoother sailing which makes issues like sea sickness a rarer occurrence. State rooms are continuously getting bigger and more luxurious than in the past creating quality living spaces comparable to high end hotels around the world. Flat screen TV’s, mini-bars and even balconies are becoming staples on most ships. In addition, Wi-Fi is becoming more widely available allowing guests to stay connected while they are away from home.   ​​

Crystal Cruises Yacht Stateroom



Overall people’s tastes have changed and as a result so has the cruise industry. The last 30 years have certainly seen significant advancements to keep up with the changing times. Furthermore, sailing is an excellent way to see a destination. You are never limited to one location which offers you the chance to see many different places and experience different cultures. And while you are on board travelling to these locations, there is no shortage of things to do. From shopping to spas to Broadway shows, each cruise line offers a wide range of activities to appeal to a certain style of traveler. So whether you are looking to bring your entire family and ensure the kids have plenty to do or you are a retired couple looking to socialize – there is something for everyone.

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Celebrity Cruises Xploration – Galapagos


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