Why You Should Still Use a Travel Agent in 2021

Why should you use a travel agent? Let’s face it, we’re living in a world dominated by technology. When it comes to planning travel, there are countless websites and apps where with the click of a button you can sort through thousands of flights or hotels on the path to booking your own vacation. But time is precious and vacation is finite so you might start to second guess yourself. Did I make the right choice? Have I thought through every minor detail? If something goes wrong who has my back?

Thats where travel agents come in. With everyone living behind a screen, we are losing that personal face to face value. Travel is all about human connection and when we book online we lose that quality. Booking with an expert travel consultant is a service that is often overlooked, but more valuable than ever. Kemp Travel is a family owned and operated travel agency that has served the Durham Region for over 35 years. Here are 8 reasons why you should book your next vacation with us!

1. Value for Your Money

It is a common misconception that using a travel agent will cost you more. In fact we can save you money through our network of preferred partners and we can also save your time by taking on the brunt of your research. Most times there is no additional cost for our services, but if there is, we can make up for it with additional perks, upgrades and much more!

2. On the Ground Support

As the old saying goes “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” –  so when and if something goes wrong, we’re there for you. We like to ensure that there is little to no room for error. But things can happen that are out of our control – missed connections, flight delays, natural disasters etc. While all other travellers are waiting in line to rebook or sitting on hold with a call centre trying to find out their options, you can just get in touch with your agent and sit back while they take care of you!

3. Unlimited Choice

We work for you, not a specific travel supplier. Our agents will work to give you a range of options that best meet your needs. We aren’t happy until you are so we you don’t have to worry about us pushing an agenda on you.

4. Experience

Between our 25+ agents, we have a wealth of knowledge that is constantly shared with one another. We know the best time to travel, the best places to go, and what is and isn’t a “good deal”. Will you need a visa where you are going? We will let you know and help you organize that. Beyond that, we can provide limitless recommendations from places to eat to off the beaten path experiences that you won’t get from booking online.

5. Convenience

You don’t have to go to 5 different websites to book your trip. Everything can be booked in one place close to your home and you will receive all of your documents in one convenient package. Whether it be air, accommodations, activities, train tickets, insurance, transfers, car rentals etc. or all of the above, we are a one stop shop. Beyond that, we will make sure everything matches up perfectly and that you have enough time to make everything flow smoothly.

6. We Save You Time

Instead of spending hours upon hours researching and trying to make the perfect choice, speak with one of our agents. We will do the research for you and provide options based on exactly what you are looking for. We will workshop the plan with you back and forth until it’s perfect, that way you can just focus on getting excited for your trip while we do all the hard work!

7. Support Local Businesses

Kemp travel isn’t an anonymous website or long distance number. We are a family owned and operated Canadian company where you can stop in and chat with a friendly face or call without being greeted by a bot.

Our team also supports local businesses and organizations. The Kemp Family has donated millions of dollars to Lakeridge Health over the years – proof that when you book with us you can rest assured that a portion of your money is going back to your community!

8. Personalized Service

Personalization – Our advisors learn your name. We learn what you like and what you dislike. You aren’t just a number to us. We like to get to know each of our customers personally so we can customize each vacation to best suit your needs and preferences. Our customers are more than just a sale to us! 

Booking online might seem easier or more convenient in the short term, but in the long run we promise you that we will provide more value and personalization than you could ever get through a booking engine. Check out our website or give us a call at 905-433-8611 to book your holiday today!