My Ontario RV Adventure – Louise Wilson

By Louise Wilson

“Last summer, my husband and I decided we needed a break from the ongoing monotony of the pandemic life”

We were looking for something we could do close to home that allowed for social distancing. We decided to rent a 32ft Luxury bus from Owasco for the first week of August. When we arrived to pick it up we were very impressed with the process in which they showed us around the vehicle in a safe manner. We were excited for our Ontario RV adventure!

After picking up the motorhome we drove it home to start the fun of packing it up for our adventure. We were happy to see it had a full kitchen and quite a large fridge to fit all our food.   We bought all the food from home as we didn’t want to shop away from our area due to Covid. The bedroom was quite large! We had a comfy queen size bed and a decent size washroom with a large shower with tons of room. The RV had a sofa and table with two bench seats. My husband was happy to see two tv’s in the RV as it was hockey playoffs (in August – go figure!).

As we are both motorcycle riders my husband decided to drive up the motorhome to Cookstown and I towed the bikes behind our truck with our two kayaks. We headed off for our first night at a friends cottage. Our plan was to just stay outside with them and use our RV to sleep in. The RV came in so handy as it eliminated any need to go inside the cottage. We were able to plug into their electricity for the night and we had water on board to shower in the morning!

“After a fun night around the campfire, we headed out to our campground in Washago”

We stayed at the KOA in Cookstown for a 6 night stay. When we arrived it had been raining all morning, not a problem though as we had a roof over our heads and could sort ourselves out while still staying dry.

The check in was totally touchless and we headed to our site. We had asked for the longest site they had as we had to get the RV in and still fit a truck and trailer.

Once done it was time for a walk around the campground and then a cocktail. We may be not going south this year but we can still make it an all-inclusive. The campground had a good sized pool in which you could make bookings for a swim,  no more than 10 people were allowed in at one time for 45 minute at a time. Getting a swim time was no problem! We wanted a later slot as we had plans for the day so we called in the morning and they had a slot available at 4pm. 

“Cookstown was a fantastic location for RV’s”

It was a good 2 hours ride to Wasaga Beach doing back roads. Wasaga Beach has a beautiful beach, very busy so we decided to just walk through and keep our distance. After a short stop there we rode back to our campsite getting lost a couple of times but that’s the fun of riding.

Another day we had found a very quiet beach of lake Simcoe where we could put the kayaks in. We had a lovely day kayaking up the shoreline looking at the different cottages while getting some sun. The campground’s store wasn’t open to the public however you could call them and order supplies. Anything you needed like chips, pop and even firewood could be easily ordered over the phone. The store would charge your card and deliver to your site – very convenient.

“Every night we had a campfire under the stars beside our motorhome”

We spent a couple of days hanging around the RV reading and relaxing. We also took a day and drove around the area to see what it offered. One of our favourite stops was Friday Harbour near Barrie.

After our week was over we packed up everything and headed home to return the RV. We totally enjoyed our week as we were still able to self-isolate but had fun as well. It’s nice to get away even if only a couple of hours from home! This coming summer, I would highly recommend an Ontario RV trip to those looking for an adventure close to home!

If you are interested in booking a similar holiday in Ontario please don’t hesitate to reach out! I would be happy to suggest itineraries, arrange activities and I can even assist in the full booking of an Ontario RV that suits your needs. Please send me an email or like our facebook page for more content like this!

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