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Mediterranean’s Iconic Shores
Barcelona to Istanbul

$25 Deposit & Up to $1,300 CAD Shipboard Credit*

29 Days

Departures: Apr–Sep 2023, Feb–Aug &Oct 2024 & Apr–Aug 2025.


Scandinavia & the British Isles
London to Stockholm

$25 Deposit & Up to $1,300 CAD Shipboard Credit*

29 Days

Departures: Aug 19, 2023 & Apr–Aug2024 & May & Jul 2025


Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia
Bali to Auckland

$25 Deposit & Up to $1,300 CAD Shipboard Credit*

31 Days

Departures: Mar 7, 2025


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Discover the enchanting allure of Spain’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines as you sail through the legendary Strait of Gibraltar. Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Iceland on a captivating circumnavigation journey. Or marvel at the majestic whales off the Alaskan coast while traversing the North Pacific on a thrilling voyage that begins in Canada and concludes in Japan.

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Iceland, British Isles & Iberia
Barcelona to Reykjavík

FREE Stateroom Upgrade &FREE International Airfare

15 Days

Departures: May 29, 2023


Trade Routes of the Middle Ages
Bergen to Barcelona

FREE Stateroom Upgrade &FREE International Airfare

15 Days

Departures: Jun 6 & Sep 2023


North Pacific Passage
Vancouver to Tokyo

FREE Stateroom Upgrade &FREE International Airfare

23 Days

Departures: Sep 17, 2023


Environmental Sustainability

At Viking, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environments we sail through. Our ships are designed to the highest environmental standards. Our long-term success depends on our ability to develop programs that meet or exceed both the global regulatory frameworks (IMO, European Union), as well as local regulations in the most vulnerable areas we explore, such as the Arctic, Antarctica, the inland waterways of Europe, the Norwegian Fjords, or the Alaskan Coast. Our vessels, though dependent on shoreside infrastructure and supplies, operate as self-sustained entities, capable of providing electricity, water, and sewage treatment facilities. The careful management of our vessel platforms to minimize our environmental footprint is therefore essential. From the outset, all our vessels are designed to be environmentally responsible and efficient to operate. Each vessel class has specific operational characteristics. However, some key principles can be found across our entire fleet:

EFFICIENT USE OF SPACE —on a ship, every bit of added weight results in extra fuel consumption. This is why we are careful to add to our ships only what is
needed, with a focus on optimal guest comfort and operational efficiency.

SLEEK HULL DESIGN —our ocean and expedition vessels have been designed with energy-efficient hulls, propellers, and rudder arrangements to reduce resistance in the water and therefore reduce fuel consumption. Our ocean vessels are designed with a bulbous bow and a “duck tail” platform, while the expedition ships have integrated bows, long, slender hulls and Azipod® Electric Propulsion systems.

DIESEL-ELECTRIC PROPULSION —virtually all our ships across the fleet are using diesel/electric propulsion technology, where a series of electric motors drive the ship propellers, while the diesel engines act as a generator. This solution allows us to optimize our engine utilization at any given time to ensure optimal load and efficiency, with savings up to 15% compared with direct shaft solutions. Diesel electric technology is future-proof: with time, it will be easy to replace diesel engines with more sustainable technologies, such as batteries and fuel cells.

SHORE POWER —the vast majority of our fleet is equipped to connect with shore power to reduce, where possible, reliance on fuel while in port. This allows operations with zero emissions and less noise. This feature is already providing a reduction in CO emissions of up to 30% on some itinerary sections, and 2 as this technology is installed in more and more ports, further significant reductions are predicted. Our own docking facilities along Europe’s rivers are being equipped with rapid charging systems to further reduce reliance on diesel fuel.

ADVANCED RECYCLING & WASTE MANAGEMENT—our entire fleet is equipped with advanced wastewater treatment systems, ballast water treatment systems (ocean & expedition), and onboard trash compacting and recycling centers to minimize the generation of waste and enable environmentally responsible recycling in shore facilities. Research is also underway for future use of food waste for biogas production.  

Additional features across our fleet include:

• Low-energy LED lighting resulting in a lower heat output, lower power usage and a longer life

• Waste heat recovery systems using the heat from the engines as a free source for heating water

• Intelligent HVAC system with automatic “Eco-mode” to reduce power when spaces are not in use

• Noise & light pollution reduction technologies, reducing our impact on local communities and landscapes

 The above-mentioned technologies, in combination with vessel-specific characteristics, allow us to deploy a fleet of veryefficient vessels that meet or exceed environmental regulations across the world.

In 2020, we formalized our efficiency efforts by voluntarily certifying our European fleet with the Green Awardfor inland shipping—a program originally established to promote quality shipping amongst for sea-going vessels. Wecurrently have 26 ships certified, with the remainder of the fleet expected to follow in 2022. Furthermore, Viking’s riverfleet has adopted the European ISO 14001 Environmental Management practices as an operating standard—an industryfirst. This gives us a reference framework for continual improvement of our environmental performance. Part of thiseffort includes installing a battery pack on our latest new builds, which are expected to reduce our emissions by another5%.

Our ocean ships come with the best Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) rating of their class, and they exceedthe 2025 International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s requirements by almost 20%. We estimate that our vessels’ fuelconsumption, greenhouse gas emissions and hence potential global warming impact are some 40% lower than forvessels of an older design. Our ocean ships were the first new builds in the world to be equipped with exhaust cleaningsystems that meet IMO 2020 standards for emissions. These systems are of the closed-loop type: pollutants removedfrom our exhaust can be stored on board and disposed of at suitable reception facilities ashore (open-loop systemsdischarge these pollutants directly into the environment). Additionally, the newest vessels in the Viking ocean fleet havebeen fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to virtually eliminate Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).

The ships’ engines currently use marine gas oil (MGO), which is the safest environmental option available.With their efficient design, including the favorable length/beam ratio, intelligent HVAC systems, heat recovery systemsand LED lighting, the vessels exceed IMO EEDI requirements by nearly 38%.

MISSISSIPPI: The ship is equipped with a variety of measures to maximize energy efficiency andemissions—including a diesel-electric propulsion system comprised of Tier 4 diesel engines, each powering a watercooled generator; each engine/generator unit is individually mounted on a specially designed double raft isolationsystem that produces a remarkably quiet and smooth ride. Propulsion power is provided by Voith 6 blade propulsion thrusters driven by permanent magnet electric motors; pump jet bow thrusters are powered by permanent magnetmotors; and a highly advanced exhaust scrubbing system significantly reduces sound and emissions.

Every time we design a new ship class, we first focus on the hull, the engines, and the superstructure, as these will dictate the overall shape and dimension of the vessel. A key issue is the selection of the right propulsion platform, and we have undertaken careful studies of all available alternatives. These included the analysis of LNG, which is mainly methane, a much more powerful greenhouse gas than CO . While LNG engines have lower CO emissions, these are more than offset by the greenhouse warming potential of the unburned methane in the combustion engine.

We determined that conventional engine propulsion for the time being is preferable and this has informed our decisions for our current ocean and expedition vessels. Looking ahead at the increasing demand for further ocean vessels, we are focusing our design efforts on a combination of liquid hydrogen and fuel cells. While it will take time to develop reliable supply chains, this option will allow us to operate with zero emissions while in port, in particularly sensitive areas like the Norwegians fjords and while traveling at low speeds. We anticipate that 25% of all sailing of such vessels can be done on hydrogen, allowing a 25% reduction in CO and all greenhouse gases emissions. We anticipate implementation of these innovative solutions can begin in 2025, making our vessels some of the most environmentally responsible in their class.  


Viking offers cruise itineraries around the world with Ocean, River and Expedition itineraries. If you would like more information, please fill out the form with your contact info and one of our agents will reach out to answer your questions or to help you start planning your dream vacation.

Terms & Conditions

2Offer AES23: Offer valid on bookings made from Apr 14 to Apr 30, 2023. FREE stateroom upgrade within category, Veranda to Deluxe Veranda (V2-DV1) and Penthouse Veranda (PV3-PV1) plus FREE international airfare valid on the May 29, 2023 departure of Iceland, British Isles & Iberia; Jun 6 & Sep 2023 departures of Trade Routes of the Middle Ages; Jun 6, 2023 departure of Iconic Iceland, Greenland & Canada; Sep 17, 2023 departure of North Pacific Passage. Call for details. Prices are in CAD dollars and for CA residents only. Air does not have to be purchased to get cruise/tour offer. All fares reflect cruise taxes, port taxes and fees. Additional restrictions may apply. Airfares vary on other itineraries, gateways and departures; call for details. Book by Apr 30, 2023; pay in full at time of booking. Offer expires Apr 30, 2023.

Offer LCT23: Offer valid on bookings made from Apr 18 to Apr 30, 2023. $25 deposit plus up to $1,300 CAD Shipboard credit per stateroom valid on select Apr-Sep 2023; Feb-Aug & Oct 17, 2024; Apr-Aug 2025 departures of Mediterranean’s Iconic Shores; Aug 19, 2023; Apr-Aug 2024; May & Jul 2025 departures of Scandinavia and British Isles; Jun 24, 2024; May-Jul 2025 departures of Grand Fjords & Iconic Viking Shores; Mar 7, 2025 departure of Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia; Oct 24, 2023; Mar 14 & Oct 18, 2024 & Apr 6, 2025 departures of Southeast Asia. Call for details. Prices are in CAD dollars and for CA residents only. Air does not have to be purchased to get cruise/tour offer. All fares reflect cruise taxes, port taxes and fees. Additional restrictions may apply. Airfares vary on other itineraries, gateways and departures; call for details. Book by Apr 30, 2023. 2023: Pay in full by May 31, 2023. 2024: Pay in full by Jun 15, 2023. 2025: Pay in full by Dec 15, 2023. Offer expires Apr 30, 2023.