Kemp Travel’s Top Seven Vacations

By Eric Forrest

​Are you looking to book a vacation but just can’t decide where to go? If you’re indecisive and feeling overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite number of potential destinations, we’re here to help! We’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about popular places to travel this winter and into spring/summer of 2018. So we’ve decided to lay out our top seven vacations based on the most booked and asked about locations in the coming year.

1. Peru

Peru has become the new hot spot for travel in South America. This is in large part due to Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan ruin sitting on a mountain ridge high above the Sacred Valley in the Cusco region (picture below). Trekking in this area has become popular for tourists of all ages trying to get that photo of a lifetime. Beyond Machu Picchu, Peru is also home to one of the largest sections of the Amazon rainforest where you can enjoy river cruises and see a diverse range of wildlife. If you’re looking to visit a larger city, Lima is not only the capital of Peru, but is also one of the largest cities in South America which is home to a bustling nightlife and exquisite cuisine.

Check out a sample Machu Picchu itinerary here

2. Alaskan Cruises

Holland America Alaska
Holland America Alaska

Sail through pristine fjords, search for whales and stare off at endless snow capped mountains on board a luxurious cruise ship. Sound amazing? It is. Alaska cruises have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years with typical sailings leaving from Vancouver or Seattle. These cruises take you to some incredible places – some that can only be truly experienced by boat. However more and more cruise lines are offering land and sea tours to give you a true immersive experience through the USA’s most northern state. Due to weather it is important to note that the season is fairly short (late April-Sept) so spaces fill up quickly!

3. European River Cruises

Avalon Creativity; Rhine River; Germany; Europe; town; archiecture; water; hill; trees; Sky Deck

Europe has always been a popular destination for land travel but we have been seeing a spike in river cruising lately. Hop on board one of many luxury cruise lines and travel through Europe in style. The Rhine is one of the most booked cruises with boats sailing from Amsterdam through Germany – also touching Holland, France and Switzerland. Cruises pass medieval castles perched on hillsides and small European villages. Equally as popular is the Danube which passes through 4 countries in central Europe with highlights on major cities such as Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and Passau all while passing through Austria’s Wachau Valley. If Europe isn’t your thing, many of these river cruising companies operate successful tours in Asia (Mekong Delta) and South America (Amazon).

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4. South Africa Luxury Safaris

Unleash your wild side. Book a once in a lifetime safari vacation travelling through a number of National Parks and Wildlife reserves in South Africa including the famous Kruger National Park. Here you can camp under the stars in luxurious resort style camps and come face to face with rare African wildlife including lions, giraffes, elephants and many others. While in South Africa you can visit some of the major cities including Cape Town which is a coastal city sitting below the iconic table mountain and Johannesburg which is a major cultural center, and home to the late Nelson Mandela. From South Africa you can also easily reach Victoria Falls which sits along the Zambia and Zimbabwe border – and was also named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world by CNN.

All trips are customizable, but you can check out one of our sample Southern Africa itineraries here.

5. Caribbean All-Inclusives

All-inclusive resorts have always been a popular destination for Canadians during our cold winters. However, with the Caribbean experiencing one of the most destructive hurricane seasons in modern history, many people are wondering if it’s still okay to travel there. We are here to assure you the Caribbean is in fact open for business!  Although some countries were heavily affected, many countries in the region experienced little to no damage. As of now most cruise ports and resorts are once again fully operational!  In fact, many of these small islands and their residents rely on tourism as a source of income so we encourage people to continue booking Caribbean vacations. Reach out to us if you have concerns about certain countries or resorts

6. India

Taj Mahal, Agra
Taj Mahal, Agra

People are always looking for a more “exotic” location to travel. The way of life is much different than ours and travel will definitely expand your worldview in a positive way. India is a huge country with tons to offer. From beaches in the south to the Himalayas in the north with rural areas and large cities filling in the middle there is definitely something for everyone. The Taj Mahal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and people travel from far and wide to get a photo with this iconic building. India is a spiritual country and many people come here for yoga or meditation retreats so if that’s something you’re into, get in touch and we can make something like that a reality. Oh, and the food isn’t bad either!

7. Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Iceland almost speaks for itself. It is by far one of the most beautiful countries you can visit on this Earth of ours – providing sensory overload in every direction you look. Whether it is the Northern Lights, geothermal baths, geysers, glaciers, waterfalls or volcanos – this country will take your breath away. Also most of these natural phenomena can be found only a short drive from the country’s largest city and main airport hub of Reykjavik, making short stopovers extremely doable. Flights to Iceland are also fairly cheap out of Toronto and can easily be added as a stopover on your way to most European countries for a low cost. BONUS: a large number of tour companies are now offering Game of Thrones themed tours so if it’s been a dream of yours to see filming locations, including THE wall, Iceland is your spot. For more information on any of these trips, send us a message at or fill out our quote request form and we will be happy to help you plan your next vacation!

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