Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Las Vegas

Who says you have to travel to Paris to experience the Eiffel tower in all it’s glory? Or maybe you’d like the experience of being in Venice, or maybe New York? Or perhaps Lake Como? If there is one thing you can say about Las Vegas, you have to have a bit of a sense of humor to truly appreciate the over-the-top luxury or over-the-top themes for you to experience. Here are our picks for Las Vegas’ best hotels to stay in! Yes, this list also includes the over-the-top themed ones because let’s face it… they are fun! 

1. The Venetian Resort

For our first pick we have The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. If you’ve never been… this is so much more than a hotel. It has a huge selection of restaurants in it’s very own strip. Aside from restaurants, everything you need can be found inside The Venetian itself. The gym is a canyon ranch where you can have fun on the climbing wall, get nutritional counseling, etc. The Spa has loads of interesting activities and extras, including acupuncture for those of you who would like to try some traditional healing techniques!

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2. The Bellagio

Second on our list is The Bellagio. This has become a classic and a favorite among travelers. Inspired by Lake Como and having opened in 1998, this hotel would quickly become the model for over-the-top Vegas luxury and extravaganza resorts that would follow. The Bellagio is located on 77 acres and it’s main attraction is the Fountains Of Bellagio; a dancing water fountain synchronized to music. This hotel has been described as the perfect balance of elegance and beauty and it might very well be the definition of luxury. 

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3. NoMad Las Vegas

Third on our list is NoMad Las Vegas. This is actually a hotel within a hotel… specifically, the Park MGM. While the park MGM can be looked at as the fun and accessible big brother, the NoMad is the luxurious little brother. Giving the full luxury experience, with dark corner and a grand, library-inspired restaurant. For those of you who thought you were too sophisticated for Las Vegas… think again! This might be the place to stay for you. 

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4. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Fourth on our list is The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan features 3,027 hotel rooms, many of which feature their own private terrace. It is a unique luxury hotel and casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It offers a fun, unique and futuristic vibe as well as incredible skyline views from your room! The Cosmopolitan also offers some of the strip’s most standout restaurants and lounge options. 

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5. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Fifth on our list is, of course, the MGM Grand! When you think of Vegas… most people think of the MGM Grand. Offering Cirque Du Soleil shows, lions to view behind glass, this hotel has just about everything you can think of! This is the epitome of what Vegas is all about. There is 6,852 rooms available to book with an expansive list of things to experience at with your stay… 5 swimming pools, endless entertainment, nightlife, and endless dining options, the MGM Grand is an ideal option. 

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