Porter Airlines Relaunches VIPorter Loyalty Program Starting February 1

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The airline’s new Jet Service, Porter Airlines, will be launched on February 1.

The new program structure allows frequent economy travellers to access more benefits, increase their memberships and earn perks faster than any other Canadian airline.

“As we expand our network across North America and introduce amenities for all our passengers that create an elevated economy travel experience, we are also offering our VIPorter members new benefits and bringing frequent travellers perks that other airlines typically only provide to their most elite passengers,” said Kevin Jackson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Porter Airlines.

“VIPorter enables members to earn valuable benefits with fewer flights and less annual spend, further elevating the experience for economy travellers.”

VIPorter members receive a minimum five VIPorter Points for every dollar spent with Porter. This includes airfares, checked baggage, flight changes, seat selection, and flight changes. You can redeem points for flights within the expanding Porter network by using points-only, cash or a combination. VIPorter will soon offer the opportunity to redeem and earn points for other services as the airline expands.

For a short-haul, one-way flight, members can redeem as little as 5,000 VIPorter Points and as much as 8,500 VIPorter Points for a long-haul trip. Passengers can get a discount on their flight fare by using points and cash. There are no limits on the number of seats that can be purchased.

“Other airline programs make earning points and redeeming benefits overly complex, and typically don’t provide full earning power at lower fares. We value the loyalty of all of our passengers. That’s why our members earn 100% of their points on all Porter fares, including Basic economy. That’s just another way we respect economy travellers,” said Jackson.

Avid Travellers are members who have $2,000 of qualifying spending in a calendar year. As they progress through the four Avid Traveller levels, there are more benefits. Other perks include faster points accrual, dedicated airport services and complimentary seat assignments. These perks are available to members sooner than any other Canadian airline.

VIPorter has relaunched the program and is offering a variety of benefits to its members, including:

Earn a minimum of 5 Points per Dollar on Basic Economy fares.

– Five new published membership levels were added to the existing three. These include four Avid Traveller categories. Members will receive increasing benefits as they move up the levels, which are based on how much they have spent each year.

– Head Start was introduced. This allows Avid Travellers the ability to carry any qualifying spend over the minimum to be eligible for Avid Traveller status into the following calendar year. This feature allows members to get a head start in maximizing their Avid Traveller perks. Porter Head Start members will be fully recognized for every dollar spent with Porter

PorterReserve members who have spent at least $3,000 on qualifying purchases receive a PorterReserve Certificate, which confirms that they are eligible for an all-inclusive PorterReserve experience. PorterReserve is a unique airline that confirms the PorterClassic fare booking. For every $2,000 of qualifying spending within a year, members earn more PorterReserve certificate.

Avid Traveller Benefits Extension for up to 18 Months due to parental Leave

VIPorter members can enjoy Porter’s fast, free WiFi onboard the E195-E2 fleet. There is no advertising interruption. With their VIPorter number, password and username, members can log in to the WiFi portal.

Porter’s website provides a complete overview. An email will be sent to existing members confirming their eligibility for the new program by February 1.

Registering in VIPorter costs nothing and all new members receive a 500 VIPorter points bonus upon their first flight.