How to Campervan Around Australia

Check out this handy guide on how to campervan Australia:

Australia was practically made for campervanning. Abound with vast plains, expansive deserts, long roads, and warm weather, there’s no bad time of year to do it. Not to mention, there’s so much to see that you could quite feasibly spend an entire year on the road enjoying the nation through the eyes of a local.

But even if you don’t have months to travel, the wonderful thing about driving through this breathtaking landscape is you have the power to create the exact kind of holiday you’re after. Whether you’re up for a romantic getaway, a relaxed beach holiday, or a full-blown adventure, Australia has something for you.

Choose your own adventure

Whether you’re into beaches or rainforests, deserts or cities, rugged coastlines or regional towns (or if you want to jam it all in one giant adventure), you’ll find it in the land down under.

For beach-lovers, the 2,500 miles of sparkling ocean along the East Coast of Australia is where you want to be. For travelers with more time, fly into Adelaide, rent a van, and zip along the spectacular Great Ocean Road towards Melbourne. Stop at the 12 Apostles, volcanic plains, wineries, and secluded beaches and bays.

Once you hit Melbourne, your trip up the coast really begins.

Beach-lovers will find no shortage of coastal destinations sprawled all the way up to Cooktown near the northern-most point of the country. Stop along northern Victoria and the south coast of New South Wales (NSW) at Mystery Bay, Bells Beach, and Discovery Bay Coastal Park. Then head up towards Kiama, Arlie Beach and Byron Bay to enjoy the laid-back beach lifestyle of northern NSW and Queensland.

City-dwellers can venture up towards Sydney, the Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise and Cairns. Stop along the way in towns and villages offering bespoke food, wine and crafts at Kangaroo Valley, The Hunter Valley, Berrima, Coffs Harbour, and Nambucca Heads.

Once you’re in Queensland, you can head straight north to see the ancient Daintree Rainforest. Another option would be to head into the heart of the country to see the famous red center before heading onward to Kakadu National Park and Darwin. Or you can take the epic journey through Australia’s heartland to Perth in Western Australia.

The best time to go

It’s no secret that Australia is a warm country, but it may shock some to know it can get quite cold – especially in the southern states – so timing is everything.

There’s nothing worse than being cold in a campervan, so if you’re heading to the great southern land in winter (June to August), start your journey up north in the tropics.

The temperature in Darwin tends to range from 75 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, but the winter months in the Top End are the dry season and much more conducive to sight seeing.

If you’re heading to Victoria, South Australia, or NSW, try to plan your trip during shoulder season. Between March and May, or September and November to avoid the crowds and enjoy moderate temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind temperatures of 105 degrees, Australia really comes alive right in the middle of summer, from December to February.

While international tourists swarm to major destinations in the capital cities, local kids are on school holidays and Australian sightseers join the crowds, adding to the atmosphere. Coastlines are a hive of activity, community and family as everyone sits back and relaxes in the afternoon heat.

Where to park

Campervanning around Australia is something both locals and tourists do, so there’s no shortage of places to park your motorhome.

While local councils have largely blocked campervanners from parking along the main strips of popular beaches, you can almost definitely find secret spots to park in more secluded beaches.

But if you’re after a place to park in popular destinations, there’s a broad range of fully-equipped holiday parks all over the country. Some are right within national parks, some have stocked kitchens, power outlets, swimming pools, game rooms, and activities for kids, and others offer more DIY options with a beautiful spot to park and a tap with drinking water.

Whether you want to campervan Australia on a shoestring budget or in luxury, we have you covered. Contact your Kemp travel agent today and start planning your Australian adventure.

By Charlotte Karp

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