Giving Back – A Kemp Family Affair

Sleeping Children Around the World is a 100% charitable global community of volunteers & partners. They have transformed the lives of over 1.5 million children in developing countries by providing bed kits for a good night’s sleep. The Kemp Travel Group and the Kemp Family alike have been big supporters of this organization for many years. We are extremely proud to support such a great cause and give back to children in need. In SCAW’s most recent Connections newsletter, we were honoured to be recognized for our work and dedication to giving back.

Kemp Travel Sleeping Children India

Via Sleeping Children Around the World:

How wonderful it is that SCAW has such dedication from its numerous supporters! The Kemp family exemplifies this dedication in its continuing contributions of both time and donations. Billie (Wilhelmina) Kemp, a retired primary school teacher, began her journey back in 1990 with her first distribution in Columbia.

Twenty-five years later, at age 87 and with failing eyesight, she was joined by her son, Kirk, and granddaughter, Erin, for the trip of a lifetime to Mumbai in 2015. Erin had already been introduced to Sleeping Children as a child when she would accompany her grandmother to presentations at churches and schools and be ‘dressed up as a bed kit recipient’. Kirk recalls a wonderful memory of his elderly mother in Mumbai, “Sitting on the dirty floor, laughing and giggling like a school girl while the young children hung around her like a movie star. Everyone who saw my mother was amazed that a lady her age would travel so far to help young children”.

Kemp Travel Sleeping Children India

The Kemp Travel Company donates hundreds of bedkits each year as Christmas gifts to its clients and employees. Although Billie has had ‘her last hurrah’ as a team volunteer, both Erin and Kirk would welcome an opportunity to travel again. They are looking forward to continuing the family legacy of supporting the organization that Erin says, “Is just such an easy pick for us!”

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A donation of $35.00 gives a child an unprecedented feeling of hope for the future. A bedkit provides a child with the means to go on thriving and the promise that the world holds a brighter future. Click here to make a donation!