G Adventures Will Be Returning To Australia, New Zealand, Bhutan

G Adventures will offer over 1,400 trips is September alone, with Australia New Zealand and Bhutan returning to the company’s offerings!

The company is very excited to be heading back into these countries, which are some of the last to reopen to foreign travelers, and they are excited to be bringing tourism dollars back into these countries and local communities, specifically Bhutan.

 After two years of restoration, and a delayed launch because of COVID, Bhutan will reopen its historic and sacred Trans Bhutan Trail for the first time in 60 years in September of this year. 

“We’re honoured to be working with the Bhutan Canada Foundation and the Trans Bhutan Trail to launch this newly restored route in magical Bhutan, and we’re thrilled with how popular the new trips have been, even with the delay in reopening,” said Marceau.

“It’s a country we’ve run tours in for more than a decade and have long admired for its commitment to the happiness of its people and sustainable way of life; both philosophies that align with our values as an organization.”

The trail will be reopened officially in a formal ceremony in Bhutan on September 28, and with G Adventures being it’s exclusive launch partner, they will be the first to to take travelers along the Trans Bhutan Trail when its inaugural, sold-out, departure leaves on October 2.

“Trails have historically connected remote communities and helped distribute much-needed income to local people as travellers move across the landscape,” Marceau says.

“Our new trips cover the highlights of the trail as hikers traverse forests and meadows and travel through rural settlements around the Dzongs. Travellers can expect an average of three to four hours of hiking each day and delicious local meals each night, whether they are camping or staying in homestays, hotels or local guest houses.”

There are two new active trekking itineraries available to book in Bhutan in 2023 with G Adventures. There is the 11-day Camp the Trans Bhutan Trail which features camping and homestays. There is also the 12-day Highlights of the Trans Bhutan Trail itinerary with accommodation in homestays, locally-owned guest houses and hotels.

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