Fall Vacations Magazine 2021

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Welcome to the Fall 2021 issue of Cruise & Travel Lifestyles!

As the leaves begin to change and the weather starts to cool down, we are excited to see more and more people booking travel for the coming winter and beyond! With constantly changing rules and regulations around the world, it can be tough trying to navigate the new normal. Thankfully, our team of experienced travel consultants are working tirelessly to keep themselves up to date with the latest changes. They are here and ready to work with you to ensure your next trip goes smoothly. Their knowledge and expertise has never been more valuable!

Group Tours

Over the past year, we have been hard at work curating a wide array of hosted small-group tours. Our most recent additions include a Galapagos Private Small Ship Cruise in February 2023, followed by a high-end Japan tour for September 2023. Beyond that, we also have Yellowknife in March 2022 to see the Aurora Borealis, three South Africa safari groups in May 2022, a small group adventure to Churchill, Manitoba in November 2022 to see Polar Bears in the wild, our ever popular Peru will be returning in 2022 and a small group to Egypt in March 2023 will explore the ancient sites and cruise the mighty Nile.

Big journeys to far flung places like Tanzania and South Africa, epic train journeys, and private villa vacations, among others, have become very popular with travellers looking to treat themselves. The writers whose work we feature in this fall issue of Vacations magazine have travelled the world and are great ambassadors of the YOLO movement.

We’re proud to share their stories. About what they saw, what they did and, more importantly, how they felt and how their journeys impacted them, whether it was visiting the iconic sites of Egypt, a romantic reunion in Portugal, going on a safari in Tanzania, renting a villa with family, or tasting olives straight from the tree in Tuscany.

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